guess_i’ll_live exhibition

‘guess I’ll live’ was a dual-perspective exploration of bad luck, suffering and survival, hosted at The Chopping Block gallery, Peckham.

Showing as part of The Chopping Block’s Open Projects series created in partnership with The Sassoon Gallery, ‘guess i’ll live’ was a powerful, irreverent and moving meme-inspired multimedia exhibition created by visual artist Josh Spindler (RCA, 2015) in collaboration with writer Roisin Lanigan.

The show chartsed the story of the couple’s 2018, when Roisin was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer at 26. Now finished treatment, ‘guess I’ll live’ was a retrospective look at a run of shit luck, showing two journeys explored in parallel, with one horrible, life-changing, moment visualised as a ripple setting in motion two stories.

Using light, sound, sculpture and painting to depict and uncompromising but positive way, ‘guess i’ll live’ explored the relationship between sufferer and spectator, and invited the audience to engage with the work as spectators themselves.

‘guess i’ll live’ ran at The Chopping Block gallery from 28th Feburary – 2nd March 2019, and was accompanied by a ‘guess I’ll live’ zine which celebrates survivor stories, as well as a ‘guess i’ll live’ meme-inspired pin. All proceeds were donated to Stand Up To Cancer and Trekstock, a charity for young cancer survivors.



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guess i’ll live pins – £7


guess i’ll live zines – £8