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the dark horse

“The Dark Horse – Folkstone Rejuvenated” – Folkstone_April_2019_



“90/180/270/360 degree things”

First Latex Paiting THINGS1.1.png

“ThingsThingsThingsThings (LatexPaintings1)”

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ guess_i’ll_live ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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“Spring Summer Autumn Winter”

“Wear Tin Foil Halos”

“Inflatable Portrait” – SOLD_                                 “Tin Foil Halo” – SOLD_

“Filled with the same air” – SOLD_

“adapt” – SOLD_

“The Gallery of Adaptation”

“Everything is Fine…Hopefully”

“Cheap Mortality”


(each layer is painted on top of the last on the same canvas)

wank painting

“Wank Painting” – Layer_1_

pull 1

“Pull Me” – Layer_2_

smile tv

“Smile on the Screen” – Layer_3_

my scream

“My Scream” – Layer_4_

i am t-vyrus

“I AM T-VYRUS” – Layer_5_

chicken shop

“Hot & Tasty Stress WORK mmm” – Layer_6_

tower of power

“The Temple of Power” – Layer_7_we are all stock

“We are all Stock” – Layer_8_

would you like to force eject2“force_eject_new_tabs_” – Layer_9_


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“Feel the Real”